The Hill

I moved not too far from Yale New Haven Hospital on a search for a mice free environment. I loved that apartment in particular because it was the first time that I realized that I would always want more space than I needed. While I was single and living alone; my apartment in the “Hill”Continue reading “The Hill”

1523 Chapel Street

It wasn’t enough that my mom dropped me and all of my shit off in front of Farnham Hall for my sophomore year at Southern; as she was in a rush to make it to church, primitively into my first semester sophomore year I received a phone call from my her telling me that sheContinue reading “1523 Chapel Street”

Third Eye Opened

He never loved me, because if he loved me the way that I love him then we would have been together. While browsing through some of my old journals I found a letter that I wrote ten years ago; and never delivered it. The letter was written to the married man that I was dealingContinue reading “Third Eye Opened”

I Never Titled this One

Sometimes I it’s think your smile drawing me in more to you. At times I know I’m dreaming, as your touch just can’t be true. Most times I’m scared…nervous that one day you’ll be gone. Painful thoughts of you realizing that I’m not the one. Thru my painful sunshine, and out of the lucid mist…youContinue reading “I Never Titled this One”


The last time that I wrote anything my focus was diverted by my present truth; which distracted me from relaying some more of the truths from my past. In my daily conversations I have a tendency to get sidetracked; isn’t it obvious in my written work? Anyway, high school was pretty much a breeze scholasticallyContinue reading “Furthermore”

Tarnished & Stained

In your eyes I see sadness; though happiness is portrayed. As your misery piles up, it’s your contentment that’s delayed. It was your touch that made these tears drop. But love kissed them away. Both of us know that only the world benefits if they stay. With every touch a bit more of me disappeared.Continue reading “Tarnished & Stained”


I am being brave. For the whole of my life I have struggled with my weight. I was always a fat kid and to the embarrassment of my mother; I was the one of her two children at the time who would eat incessantly if allowed. Shit, looking back I can say that I ateContinue reading “Repression”

Sweet Funk

My mother had my sister when she was seventeen, me when she was twenty and my brother when she was thirty years old. My mom is beautiful, gorgeous even. She took care of my siblings and I by working full time at the Southern New England Telephone company back in the 80’s. That is whereContinue reading “Sweet Funk”


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