What if I went to Johnson & Wales?

I attended Southern Connecticut State University for my undergraduate degree. Originally, I planned on attending Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. At the time, my best friend (my sons godmother) was a star basketball player in our high school and D-1 schools nationwide were recruiting her to play. Even our very own UCONN triedContinue reading “What if I went to Johnson & Wales?”

I Never Titled this One

Sometimes I it’s think your smile drawing me in more to you. At times I know I’m dreaming, as your touch just can’t be true. Most times I’m scared…nervous that one day you’ll be gone. Painful thoughts of you realizing that I’m not the one. Thru my painful sunshine, and out of the lucid mist…youContinue reading “I Never Titled this One”

Actions that Serve Me Positively

Growing up, I thought for sure that high school would be like a combination between episodes of Beverly Hills 90201 and Saved By the Bell; after all, West Haven is a town with a beach. Once I actually started high school I desperately wanted everyday to be like an episode of My So Called LifeContinue reading “Actions that Serve Me Positively”

Tarnished & Stained

In your eyes I see sadness; though happiness is portrayed. As your misery piles up, it’s your contentment that’s delayed. It was your touch that made these tears drop. But love kissed them away. Both of us know that only the world benefits if they stay. With every touch a bit more of me disappeared.Continue reading “Tarnished & Stained”