I Never Titled this One

Sometimes I it’s think your smile

drawing me in more to you. At times

I know I’m dreaming, as your touch just

can’t be true.

Most times I’m scared…nervous that one day

you’ll be gone. Painful thoughts of you realizing

that I’m not the one.

Thru my painful sunshine, and out of the lucid

mist…you embrace my heart, you hold my hand,

and kiss and un-clench my fist…


You tell me it’s okay…

and with you it is…

the breaths I take follow happy tears…they

rinse away the scorn and the fears.

I’m light and I’m free and I want to open up

to you.

I’ll give you mine, if you give me your heart


Published by Indigosblue

This blog will be a vessel of honesty and vulnerability. Writing is a release that has kept me whole and sane for a lifetime but a newness starts today. What is a true story if it isn't told? No longer will I just hold on to my story because it's too much to handle on my own. Every truth is relative to the teller. Indigos blue sunshine are my truths. 😢💙🦋🌏🌤

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