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She is a writer,

a poet and an expressionist of the truth;

her personal truth

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I am about as damaged as they come. I have been abused, taken advantage of, embarrassed and shamed. I’ve been touched more ways than one; making me not a number one choice option for somebody to love or take seriously. I’ve been an afterthought, a victim, a survivor. Sometimes I feel broken, desperate and needy. Other times, I feel empowered, in charge, strong and inspired. Majority of the time I am confused. All the time I am grateful for daily chances at survival. I recognize that for many, many years I was surviving my life. I am at a point where I see now that I want to really and truly live my life. Everything that I have said and will say on this site is honest and pure. I learned that if we reveal who we are then the masses can never use our stories, our truths…our memories against us.

In the past I have stifled myself; honestly I have done this in many ways. I am ready to purge. This will be my outlet for purging. I already feel free. And, maybe it’s disillusion, but I already feel understood. Historically my outlets for pain and refuge have not been healthy. This blog will take you on that journey. I thank you for paying attention to my words. I want for you to benefit from my story. Get strong from the gains and shed tears for the losses. Let catharticism leave you feeling like an empath. Because as I write I cleanse myself with the tears of yesterday. Foresight of a survivor; with a hindsight so opaque that it is challenging my focus on the present.

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